Women's knitwear made in Italy

A company history that has its roots in the industrial district of Carpi

Io e te maglierie

Io e Te Maglierie was born in Carpi, in the cradle of Italian knitwear. His production of women's clothing is focused on the choice of medium-fine quality materials, yarns with cutting-edge techniques and in complete respect for the environment. The company owns three women's clothing brands: "Nicole et Charlotte", a feminine brand with a refined and innovative mood, "Io e Te" and "Carlotta B", more youthful and creative. In both collections the watchword is "attention to detail", in complete respect of the quality of Made in Italy that combines fine yarns with care in the manufacture.
The knitwear Io e Te has opted to extend the production of both brands in Oversize lines, creating a strategy that has proved successful both in foreign and in Italian markets, carving out an important niche market, but mostly meeting those that are the tastes and needs of each customer. All Io and Te Maglierie" products are created exclusively in Italy